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HyPhoon Dataset Gateway: FAQs

General Insight

What is HyPhoon?

HyPhoon is a service offered by HySpeed Computing for the geoscience community to create, apply and exchange geospatial data and applications.

Why data sets?

Data sets are a fundamental component of the innovation process. Data sets are important when testing new analysis techniques, validating output accuracy, and confirming the effectiveness of new applications. However, data sets are not always readily available or easily accessible. HyPhoon provides data sets to encourage data sharing and help support research and development in the geosciences.

How do I access the HyPhoon data sets?

It’s easy. Just register for free to become a community member. Then browse the data sets and download the ones you like.

Data Set Content

What do the data sets contain?

Data set contents are variable. Our objective is to focus on quality rather than any predefined set of content requirements. Many of the data sets include a combination of imagery, validation data, and example output. Some data sets include imagery of the same area acquired using different sensors, different resolutions, or different dates. Other data sets simply include unique image examples. We invite you to explore the diversity of what is available.

What are the sources of the data sets?

The data sets originate largely from the community itself. In some cases data also originates from public domain repositories as well as from commercial image providers.

Can I contribute data?

Yes. We are always interested in new data sets that will benefit the community. Contact us with your idea(s) and if our review team approves the project then we will work with you to add your data to the HyPhoon data sets.

What about other types of image data?

We are open to your ideas. While the data sets have an initial focus on multispectral and hyperspectral remote sensing imagery, our objective is to expand this resource to meet your needs and interests. Thus, ideas for other types of image and remote sensing data are welcomed.

Data Set Cost and Use

Are all the data sets free?

Yes. The data sets are free. There are no costs associated with the data sets. Access only requires you are a registered member of the community.

What license formats are used?

Data sets are offered using the Creative Commons license framework, which is an international copyright structure for digital data sharing.

What can I do with the data?

This depends on the license for each particular data set. All data sets allow use for scientific research and educational purposes, and some also allow use in commercial applications. In all cases any use of the data requires appropriate acknowledgement of the data source. Specifics are included with each data set in the attached license file.

Can the data sets be used for commercial applications?

In many cases the answer is yes; however, some data is limited to non-commercial applications only. Specifics are included in the license file for each data set.

Sharing Results

Can I share my results with the community?

Yes. You are encouraged to publish your results, share your work in presentations and classes, and post your output to the web and social media. Just remember to acknowledge the appropriate data source.

Do I need to report anything to HySpeed Computing?

While there are no formal reporting requirements, we request that you provide us with a reference to any publications, presentations or other major accomplishments using these data sets. We will acknowledge your work by including citations to any published work in the data set summaries. The more we know about what you are doing with the data sets, the more we can better assist you and the community with future needs.

Will HySpeed Computing help publicize my brilliant research results?

We are excited to hear about your accomplishments and success. If you send us a brief write-up summarizing your research, or a link to your work, we will do our best to publicize your brilliance on our social media pages or website.